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Snake Cube - S (two tones)
Product Code : CP-166-03-01

Description :

SNAKE CUBE  is a great cube puzzle that will provide hours of entertainment each and every time you pick it up. This cube have 27 cubes that make up the Snake Cube 3x3x3 original form. 

Can you get it back to the Cube? Spread the cubes out from the cubic shape, then try to reforming the twist and laying the cube puzzles into the positions, finally you should to get the original cubic shape. 

This is the one famous puzzle entirely hand crafted with its smooth finish, free of rough, sharp edges for safe playing hours. It displays great and designed to looks nice and can be used as a decorative item on deck shelf, or coffee table ornament at your home or the office.

Also available are 3 different sizes ; Snake cube (S) and Snake Cube (M) and Snake Cube (L) on different listing on the site.

*** The Color of wood may differ in little details from the photos, because every time the natural wood is different!


Age Groups : 15 years up

Difficulty : Normal

Dimensions : 5.7x5.7x5.7 cms.

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