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     Mr.Surachai Thamthitipong who was founder of wooden games since 1987 gradually starts production with himself and sold at night bazaar market, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Foreign Customers found out and were interested to wooden games in order to import and sell at foreign shop. Thereinafter foreign customers came back and bought it every year with trust in standard of quality such as CE Mark and ASTM.

     Thai Wooden Games Company Limited is the one manufacturer who produces and supply wooden games and toys of good quality locates at Thailand. Established in 1993, Thai Wooden Games has more confidence in business growth with deep rooted relationships of our suppliers, staffs and potential customers for systematically long term cooperation.  We have been successful in continuously increasing demands of goods both foreign and domestic market. We build new wooden games and toys brand as “BIG PLAY” and well known.


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