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Pagoda 9 pcs. / Tower of Hanoi
Product Code : G-112-02

Description :

PAGODA 9 pieces or Tower of Hanoi  is a challenging and beautiful game which are devised in 1883 by mathematicians and still popular around the world.

We have both 7 rings and 9 rings version. To solve a 7 rings version requires a minimum of 127 moves; and 9 rings version requires 511 moves! 

The Object is to move the entire (7) or (9) stacks to another rod, by following the simple rules: 

Only on disk can be moved at a time. 

Each move consists of taking the upper disk from one of the stacks and placing it on the top of another stack or on an empty rod. 

No larger disk may be placed on the top of smaller disk.  

Requires focus and concentration and the ability to recognise and remember patterns. There are many interesting ways to complete this challenge and once you figure it out you can consider yourself an expert mathematician! 

Also available is Pagoda 7 pieces on different listing on the site.

*** The Color of wood may differ in little details from the photos, because every time the natural wood is different!


Age Groups : 4 - 7 years

Difficulty : Normal

Dimensions : Wooden Box : 8.5x21x3.5 cms.

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