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Round Solitaire D-25
Product Code : G-104-05

Description :

ROUND SOLITAIRE is one famous strategy game from France about two centuries ago. It is entirely hand crafted with its smooth finish, the game board is free of rough, sharp edges for safe playing hours. A trough around the outer edge of the board provides a place for storing marbles during game play. 

The Object is starting with all the holes filled except the on in the centre and try to remove all the marbles from the board except one, which should be in the centre hole. It is a great strategy game for one player.

*** The Color of wood may differ in little details from the photos, because every time the natural wood is different! 


Age Groups : 8 - 14 years

Difficulty : Normal

Dimensions : Round board : 25x25x1.7 cms.
Wooden Marbles : dims. 24 mm.

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